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Co-operation versus ‘working together’
Advisory Board
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Organizations change and adjust constantly. They move dynamically within the environment they are active in while focusing on effective and efficient processes. An enterprise must handle things in a adequate and assertive way to be able to grow and remain healthy. The way your organization is set up asks flexibility from all colleagues engaged, especially at management level. Successful organizations built more and more on changing networks and connections of various entities. There is only a small core of permanent employees, the rest is contracted on a temporary, interim or project basis.

Fourtrust Interim Management offers added value based on expertise & partnership through filling in a unique position with the right interim manager in combination with a balanced time schedule. The consultants work together with highly qualified professionals from our network and they appoint interim project managers to different enterprises and non-profit organizations in various segments of the market. Our key terms are: Empathic, Fast, Thorough, Qualitative, Energetic and Focused on Result.

The interim managers of Fourtrust Interim Management may be present only temporarily, but they leave a result and an impression that lasts. We recruit with the above criteria in mind and want to be kept to our four pillars of trust: Authenticity, Committment, Integrity and Transparancy.

Fourtrust Interim Management offers support in:
Crisis Management
Interim Management
Project Management

Examples are: replacement of employees, e.g. in cases of maternity leave or disfunctioning bridging a period of time in case of a vacancy; implementation of a specific project/track; reorganization and/or redundancy; calling in specialists; widening the range of products and/or services; counsel in case of M or A; long term training and/or coaching route; expansion in times of economic boom.

Areas of function:
Human Resources
Production & Logistics
Sales & Marketing

Knowledge, know-how and experience do not determine the success of an interim manager, but rather how all these assets are used in an optimal way within a given company culture. An interim manager has to fit into his/her work environment. Personality and motivation play an important role in this process. Fourtrust Interim Management devotes much attention and time to the selection and coaching of its interim managers so that they can be “up and running” for the clients.

Fourtrust Interim Management offers its clients fast, thorough and discreet access to the top of Dutch interim managers. Confidentiality and focus on results are our highest priorities. The following steps describe our approach:

During a meeting with the client’s contact person, possibly together with other functionaries, problems and the possible solutions are determined. The results to be reached are formulated and specified as thoroughly as possible. Also a proper indication of the daily fee will be given.

On the basis of the intake interview the client receives a proposal of the assignment.

After the intake the best qualified interim manager will be selected for the implementation of the task. Fourtrust Interim Management aims at presenting two or three candidates to the client within a couple of days after the analysis of the assignment. The analysis results in a rapport that focuses on giving a proper briefing for the interim manager candidate.

Quality control
The consultants of Fourtrust Interim Management are dedicated to supporting the interim managers. When an assignment is carried out they in fact function as a shadow management. Both the client and the interim manager benefit from this. Moreover the interim manager has access to the network of Fourtrust Interim Management. If necessary he/she can call upon the knowledge and experience of other interim managers. During the assignment there will be procedure talks between the different parties (after the half-way report of the interim manager). The progress of the procedure is assessed by comparing it the action plan and to the implementation within the organization. The interim manager can be supported by a management coach (independent from Fourtrust Interim Management).

When the goals are accomplished the assignment will be formally concluded with an evaluation form. This moment is also used to compare the original expectations with the factual results. The interim manager will produce a report that includes the conclusions and recommendations for the client.

If a client desires a follow-up with the consultant or the interim manager of Fourtrust Interim Management after an assignment has been completed, this request will be honoured as soon as possible and possible and advice will be given free of charge.

Co-operation versus ‘working together’...
Fourtrust Interim Management wishes to establish trust in the triangular relationship between the client, the bureau and the interim manager. The consultants of Fourtrust Interim Management keep their agreements and work according to the code of conduct. They prefer achieving true cooperation instead of just working together:

Fourtrust Interim Management exercises the greatest care and discretion while completing its assignments. Information about candidates and organizations is strictly confidential and is only provided to third parties after permission.

In case of a possible conflict of interest Fourtrust Interim Management distances itself from the conflicting assignment.

Fourtrust Interim Management strives for plainness & clearness: so advance agreement on the expected results, the costs, the time schedule and the competence, tasks and responsibilities of the interim manager.

Fourtrust Interim Management operates on the basis of fixed fees agreed upon in advance. The percentage to be agreed upon depends on the daily fee of the vacancy.

Advisory Board
In order to secure the quality we offer, we are supported by a professional and committed Advisory Board consisting of experienced (interim) managers from various sectors/branches of business and NGOs.

Fourtrust Advisors
Fourtrust Interim Management is part of Fourtrust Advisors which works on questions concerning the following fields: Career counseling, Training & Coaching, Governance & Compliance, Planning & Control, Risk Management and Corporate & Social Responsibility. Fourtrust Interim Management uses the expertise and strategies of Fourtrust Advisors.

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