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Organizations change and adjust constantly. They move dynamically within the environment they are active in while focusing on effective and efficient processes. For a flexible response, a thorough analysis of the organizational structure, including profiles for staff and departments, is essential. A next step for management is the challenge to translate these analyses into action and realization of aims and targets. Fourtrust Recruitment assists clients in this process. Accurate recommendations regarding work processes, functions and competence profiles etc. help clients create a healthy organization that functions more decisively and focused.

Fourtrust Recruitment fills your vacancies by means of a pragmatic approach and adds value based on expertise and partnership. Speed and reliability are most important to us. We place candidates for executive, management and specialist functions by using file and/or media search.

Candidates using Fourtrust Recruitment’s services do not merely take another career step, but also offer clients “return on investment”. We monitor the realization and guarantee: if necessary, we place a new candidate within two months and without charge. Fourtrust Recruitment’s philosophy is based on four pillars of trust: Authenticity, Commitment, Integrity and Transparency.

Fourtrust Recruitment offers support in:
File Search (database & e-recruitment)
Media Search (print & internet)

Depending on the wishes and needs of our clients we work with File and Media search (supported by databases, job portals, advertisements and internet campaigns). These search methods enable us to make the right match between a client and candidate profile. Experienced consultants of Fourtrust Recruitment screen candidates using pragmatic and effective interview methods, focusing on ‘hard’ as well as ‘soft’ criteria and competences.

Function areas:

Human Resource Management
Production & Logistics
Sales & Marketing

In a candidate selection procedure Fourtrust Recruitment assesses both soft criteria (e.g. ambition and personality; attitudinal and perceptual measures) and hard criteria (e.g. education and experience; quantitative measures of job behavior and system performance).

Fourtrust’s Recruitment philosophy: Discovering’ the person behind the tie’. Testing if this personality fits into the given function/competency profile.

Each recruitment case of Fourtrust Recruitment concentrates especially on the analysis phase. Irrespective of whether an organization is well known or unknown, Fourtrust Recruitment pays great attention to investigating and surveying the working environment. Relevant employees will be interviewed and an impression of the (future) working place will be formulated. Knowledge, know-how and experience in itself do not determine the success of top talent. The optimal way a candidate is able to use these aspects within a certain company culture also matters. Making the right match is Fourtrust Recruitment’s challenge.

Fourtrust Recruitment works on an engagement following these ten phases:

  1. Introducing client and consultants
  2. Formulating the project plan and engagement letter
  3. Researching the work environment
  4. Establishing the function profile and competence profile, affirmation of the client
  5. Recruitment advice concerning the candidates
  6. Screening of the candidates
  7. Presentation of the candidates to the client
  8. Finalizing the selection by the client
  9. Appointment of the candidate
  10. Evaluation of the candidates after six months

Consultants of Fourtrust Recruitment work together in a dedicated team based on a written project plan which always consists of a list of activities, a time schedule, benchmarks of progress reports and an evaluation.

The project team consists of a project leader, a back-up consultant and the back-office. Fourtrust Recruitment consultants keep the agreements made and live up to the codes of conduct.

Information about candidates and organizations is strictly confidential and can only be given to third parties with client permission. Fourtrust Recruitment offers upfront, transparent agreements about fees and time frames.

Internet Fourtrust Recruitment media advice offers clients various opportunities for a recruitment campaign on the internet. We can build, arrange and maintain a website for the client by using exclusive domain names. Examples of such URL’s are:

Voor de opdrachtgever kan, door gebruik van exclusieve domeinnamen, een eigen internetsite gebouwd, ingericht en onderhouden worden. In het media advies kan deze mogelijkheid worden meegenomen. Voorbeelden van deze URL's zijn: ( (

Het gebruik van een exclusieve domeinnaam is zinvol indien er sprake is van meerdere in te vullen vacatures.

Fourtrust Recruitment always operates on the basis of fixed price agreements. In general the percentage to be agreed upon depends on: the gross annual income and the difficulty/degree of intensity of the intermediation.

Advisory Board
In order to secure the quality we offer, we are supported by a professional and committed Advisory Board consisting of experienced (interim) managers from various sectors/branches of business and NGOs.

Fourtrust Advisors
Fourtrust Recruitment is related with Fourtrust Advisors with expertise in the fields of: Career counseling, Training & Coaching, Governance & Compliance, Planning & Control, Risk Management and Corporate & Social Responsibility. Fourtrust Recruitment uses the expertise and strategies of Fourtrust Advisors.

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